Local hiking spots?

View of Yosemite Valley from my December trip
View of Yosemite Valley from my December trip
I recently received a great question from Casey in Lathrop, CA. Casey is looking to start hiking, but can’t find local spots nearby.

I have found that with a little persistence, people can find wonderful places to hike and explore near their hometowns.

Check out my suggestions for Casey. Luckily, Casey is really close to Yosemite National Park! And as an added bonus, is just is a very short drive from great local hiking places like Caswell Memorial State Park and Lodi Lake.


  1. Blue Sky says:

    It’s always particularly good if you can track down a book listing local walks I think.

    Even if they were written some years ago, they often allow you to spend time in places that you might not previously have considered.

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