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Hiking in Northridge, California


Hello, I am new to Northridge and am looking for a good place to hike. Any time of the day is fine, whether in the morning, afternoon or even moonlight hikes. I see mountains everywhere but I have no idea where to go.

Michael in Northridge, CA


View looking north from Sandstone Peak, California

View looking north from Sandstone Peak, California

You’re in luck, because Southern California has excellent hiking opportunities, and you can pretty much hike year round.

For easy hiking near Northridge, I recommend:

  • Chatsworth Park South. 100 acres of land with traditional park features, plus numerous paths into the hills.
  • Old Stagecoach Road. This hike is in Chatsworth, and is just 3.4 miles RT, but it is fun because it is quite historical! The road was used from 1860-1890, and it is amazing that stagecoaches were able to make it up and down the stone path.

For more challenging hiking, I recommend:

  • Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area I was just there last weekend hiking Sandstone Peak via the Mishe Mokwa Trail. The hills are gorgeous, and the ocean views and cool sea breeze make it a wonderful hike! Check out the National Park Service map of the Santa Monica Mountains below.
  • Red Rock Canyon Park This is also in the Santa Monica Mountains recreation area and has gorgeous sandstone outcroppings.
Santa Monica Mountains Map

Santa Monica Mountains Map

For more hiking trails in Northridge, CA, check out the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy website. They have a nice interactive feature where you can search for parks and hiking areas by region.

I also recommend a book by Jerry Schad, 101 Hikes in Southern California. You’ll be inspired to explore far beyond Northridge!

Happy trails!
Hiking Lady

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