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Eureka Casper Womens 15 sleeping bagEureka has come out with a Women’s specific version of their Casper 15 Degree Sleeping bag, with several women’s specific features!

I tested this new bag out over the weekend…coastal California weather is perfect for camping, dipping into the 40s at night and getting to the 60s during the day.

This wasn’t a backpacking trip, but I sure did appreciate how small the Casper sleeping bag was when compressed, making it very suitable for a backpacking adventure.

Eureka Casper Sleeping Bag
The Eureka Casper Sleeping Bag in its built in stuff sack


  • Nice and warm. The Casper is rated to 15 degrees, and while I only tested it down to about 40 degrees, I would take this along on any 3-season trip where I knew nighttime temperatures weren’t likely to drop below 20 degrees. In any snow camping or potentially frigid nights out, I always take my 0 degree bag to make sure I’m warm!
  • Price is right! The Eureka Casper 15 retails for $124, a bargain compared to many other comparable bags on the market.
  • Convenient, women specific features. This sleeping bag has extra room in the hips, narrower shoulders, and a cozy trapezoidal shaped footbox. Rather than having lots of empty air space inside the sleeping bag, the women’s specific cut made it much better for my body size and shape. Plus, since women tend to get colder toes, the warm footbox was a welcome treat and my toes could still move freely.
  • Stow pocket. A little pocket inside a sleeping bag is one thing I always look for… in this case it the stow pocket in the Casper is large enough to stash some earplugs, chapstick, and a snack (if you’re not camping in bear country!).
    Convenient cinch cord at the collar, also a stow pocket for ear plugs and more!
    Convenient cinch cord at the collar, also a stow pocket for ear plugs and more!

  • Includes a “compression” stuff sack. The Women’s Casper 15 includes a stuff sack with cinch straps, so you don’t have to spend more money to buy a separate compression sack.


  • Weight. It is hard to argue that the Casper is too heavy, however, it does weigh slightly more (2 pounds 15 ounces) than some 15 degree down sleeping bags. Comparing a synthetic sleeping bag to a down sleeping bag is like comparing apples and oranges, but if you are looking for a super lightweight bag, you’ll have to get a down bag. The drawback with down is that if you get it wet, it won’t keep you warm!
  • Size. The Casper 15 compresses down really small (see picture above), but down sleeping bags compress down further (again, this is comparing apples to oranges, but if you’re looking for the smallest possible bag, then you’d have to get a down bag).


  • Length: 78 inches (good for women up to 5′ 8″ tall.)
  • Girth: 62 inches at the shoulders, 52 inches at the waist.
  • Carry weight: 2 lbs 15 ounces.
  • Materials: Polyster and synthetic insulation.
  • Price: $124

For the price, the Casper 15 degree is a good 3 season synthetic sleeping bag for a woman looking for something that is durable and affordable.

Synthetic vs. Down Sleeping Bags? For those Hiking Lady readers deciding between synthetic and down sleeping bags, know that synthetics are generally less expensive and will still keep you warm if you accidentally get them wet. The drawbacks are that they are slightly heavier, and don’t compress down as much. My recommendation: for those of you that like car camping, definitely go for a synthetic… you’ll save a lot of money and still be warm! For those backpackers out there, unless you’re in rainy/wet areas a lot and think your sleeping bag could get wet accidentally, pay up and get a lighter weight down sleeping bag.

Happy trails!

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  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Great question, Jos. Yes, that is correct. Even though the bag is 78 inches long, several of those inches are comprised of material that goes around the head and feet. For people above 5’8″, there is a Long version of the sleeping bag that in total is 83 inches!

  2. Jos says:

    You stated; “Length: 78 inches (good for women up to 5? 8? tall.) ”
    Does this mean that although it’s 78 inches (6’6″) that it is is really only COMFORTABLE for someone that is 5’8″?

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