Skout Bars…The Organic Trail Snack

A tasty, nutritious, organic bar that is kosher, vegan, and has naturally occurring protein, fiber, and vitamins? I love to try bars that are made with simple ingredients that taste good and provide energy on the trail. Skout Natural Foods has a whole line of bars that do just that!

I am a huge fan of USDA certified organic products…it is so hard to get that certification, and it means that the products are truly organic and that I’m not eating unnecessary chemicals or artificial flavorings. I have been trying out some of the Skout Trailbars…and liked them so much that I had to write about them…

Skout Bars
Lots of great flavors!

Skout TrailBars accompanied me on some recent hikes. My favorite flavor is the “Chocolate + Peanut Butter”, and there are a wide range for those of you who prefer other fruity combinations. Each bar is about 180-190 calories, are loaded with fiber (5-6g), and are made of organic ingredients.

I am always looking for lightweight, packable energy bars – and most importantly, ones that taste good!


  • Ingredients. Vary by flavor. All of the bars are certified USDA Organic. They are all Vegan, Kosher, have no added sugar or fillers, and are dairy and soy free.
  • Flavors:
    • Chocolate + Peanut Butter. My personal favorite.
    • Cherry + Vanilla.
    • Blueberry + Almond.
    • Chocolate + Coconut.
    • Apple + Cinnamon
  • Where to buy? Currently distribution is pretty limited, so the best way to get them is on the Skout Natural website.
  • Price. $2.49 each

Skout TrailBars are a great choice for trail food. They are packed with nutrients, calories, and fiber, which is exactly what you need when you’re hiking. Remember, that hiking burns 408 calories per hour in the average person!

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