High Exposure

High Exposure

If you have seen the movie IMAX: Everest, then you’ll want to read this book! And if you haven’t seen Everest, you’ll want to watch it after reading High Exposure!

David Breashears, the cinematographer of IMAX: Everest, wrote this autobiography shortly after he finished that monumental project. In it he provides an insightful, behind the scenes look of the harrowing 1996 climbing season on Mt. Everest.

Breashears and his team filmed Everest in 1996, the same fatal year of the tragedy that Jon Krakauer chronicled in his best selling book Into Thin Air.

Leading up to the Everest project, Breashears provides the reader with an engaging look into his life as a young boy with a passion for climbing, which blossoms into a film career that enables him to combine his passion for climbing and mountaineering with filmmaking.

It is a wonderful, heartfelt story that takes you behind the camera lens and into the life of this amazing cinematographer.

Hiking Lady’s Recommendation: 5 of 5 stars

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