Keepin’ the Sweat Away

I’ve been looking around for a top quality trail running hat, but the ones I’ve tried have been too tight for my big head, so I just kept wearing my old, sweat collecting Nike baseball cap. Headsweats Ultralite Hat Until now….

I discovered a Headsweats hat, made by none other than Headsweats, a company that the triathletes, Tour de France cyclists, and ultra marathoners turn to for their headwear. If triathletes like it, than it surely should be adequate for the Hiking Lady’s trail runs!

The Headsweats Ultralite Hat is designed for competitive runners, so I wear it on 3-5 mile trail runs. 🙂

When I put on the Ultralite Headsweats hat for the first time, I immediately noticed the light weight. It is noticeably lighter weight than a conventional cap. Despite the 80 degree Southern California temperatures, and my propensity for perspiration, the hat does a great job of moisture wicking.

Headsweats hat
Ready for a trail run!

What I like about the Ultralite Headsweats Hat:

  • Very moisture wicking. It definitely keeps my sweaty head drier than with other hats.
  • Light weight. Only 2 ounces!! I can’t even tell it is on.
  • UPF 50 rated. I’m a big fan of sun protection built into apparel and headwear!
  • Stylish. The other hats on the market are almost all solid white or have mesh polyester panels that let the sun in.
  • The best part for the ladies – the adjustable pony tail opening! There is a simple design that enabled me to adjust the tightness of the hat while I was running. Since my head tends to swell (yeah weird I know) when I’m running or exercise in the heat, it sure is nice to be able to adjust it easily.
  • Machine washable. Yay! One less thing to hand wash!
  • It fits my big head!! This hat is much stretchier than others I’ve worn, and fits comfortably.

Features that the serious runners and triathletes will appreciate:

  • Glare reduction. Dark gray fabric under the bill reduces glare.
  • Low profile design. For those of you looking for an aerodynamic hat…
Headsweats hat ponytail opening
Headsweats hat ponytail opening

So if you need a hat that wicks moisture really well, is lightweight, and the go-to hat for ultra marathoners and triathletes, than you can join me and wear a Headsweats hat to Keep the Sweat Away!

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