Get Your Children Outside! New Study Proves They Will Be Happier Adults

What is a simple, fun, and free activity that you can do with your family that will help your children physically and mentally? Getting your children outside! Can I shout it any louder? Here at Hiking Lady I work to convince people that sometimes the simplest things are the best. Getting outside with your children is one of them! New studies seem to be published every year, and another one from Aarhus University in Denmark arrived at the same conclusion as the others: your children need to be outside!
Get Your Children Outside

Study Proves Children Will be Happier Adults

This research study linked to above observed data on 1 million (yes a million!) Danish residents from 1985-2013. They studied a whole range of things: income, educational level, family history of mental illness, and how much green space surrounded where the Danish residents grew up. Guess what impacted their mental health? Children being raised surrounded by nature had a 55% lower incidence of developing mental health issues as adults.

Why do Kids Benefit from Being Outside

While the scientific researchers do not have a proven answer to this question, I think I have a good guess ;)! There are a lot of reasons children can benefit from being outside: listening to the sounds of nature, feeling the breeze on their little faces, exploring the world around them, exercising, and enjoying natural light all improve mental health. Enjoying nature with other children adds even more benefits: they can develop social skills and a sense of belonging.

No more excuses: get your children outside and away from these screens!

Happy trails!

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