Preparing for High Altitude Hikes

Do you have an upcoming trip planned where you going to be above 8,000 feet elevation?

Mt. Whitney, CA: 14,500 feet high!
At 14,500 feet, it is important to acclimitize well and be aware of signs of altitude sickness

Here in California, there are lots of great places to explore above that altitude, including Southern California’s San Jacinto Peak near Palm Springs, and San Gorgonio. In the Sierra Nevadas, we have the highest peak in the continental 48 states – Mt. Whitney at 14,500 feet!

Even a ski trip to Lake Tahoe or Mammoth will get you to an elevation where you’ll likely “feel the altitude”.

So what happens at high altitude and why do many people get headaches and shortness of breath? At high elevations, there is less atmospheric pressure, meaning that it is harder for your body to intake as much oxygen as it does at sea level. Mild conditions like headaches occur for most people, but there are a couple of simple tricks I’ve found to help with acclimatization. Read more about acclimatization and high altitude hiking in this article.

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