Hiking Gear Deals for July!

Summer is here and it is time to get back on the trails!! And get some good deals on the latest and greatest hiking gear and clothes.

Also be sure to look at REI Outlet’s deal of the day, and remember you can now get anything over $75 shipped for FREE to your home!

Free Stuff!!

There are always a lot of offers for free things out there that I’m sure will be of interest to my fellow hikers. Check these out:

Free Guide to the National Parks

REI Passport to Adventure for Kids. Your kids can get a cool pair of multifunction binoculars or 4 function whistle.

And there are always contests to sign up for to win free trips and gear…

Oregon Adventurecation Contest! Just sign up by July 18, 2010

SteriPEN Traveler UV Water Purifier

Hiking Lady’s July 2010 Giveaway! Enter your email address by July 31 and you’ll have a chance to win this month’s Hiking Lady giveaway: a SteriPEN Traveler UV Water Purifier!

ExOfficio has a contest where you can win a free trip to Jordan; enter by July 31, 2010.

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