Pelican NEMO 1960 LED Flashlight

Pelican Nemo 1960 LED

Pelican has released a new lightweight, high powered flashlight – the NEMO 1960 LED! It is a more advanced version of my trusty MityLite 1900 flashlight.

When I’m out on the trail, I always have a flashlight or headlamp with me, and sometimes both.

Both the Pelican MityLite and the NEMO are submersible flashlights, so when I drop mine in a stream, use it in the pouring rain, or just clumsily drop it into a water bottle, the flashlight not only still works, but it works well!

Pelican designs flashlights for divers, and their products are designed to cut through murky water and illuminate the underwater landscape.

I compared the new Pelican NEMO 1960 to my Pelican MityLite 1900, as well as my Maglite Mini:

Pelican MityLite, Pelican NEMO, and Maglite Mini Comparison
Pelican MityLite, Pelican NEMO, and Maglite Mini Comparison

The Pelican flashlights are much lighter weight than the Maglite Mini, which is very important when ounces in a backpack feel like lead weights after a few miles on the trail.

Pelican MityLite 1900: 1.6 ounces with 2 AAA batteries

Pelican NEMO 1960 LED: 1.9 ounces with 2 AAA batteries

Maglite Mini: 3.78 ounces with 2 AA batteries

What is particularly nice is that the beam is very powerful – despite its small size, it is able to illuminate well even in dusty and foggy conditions.

Check out this next image of the 3 flashlights again – the NEMO 1960 is extremely bright!

From left to right:  Pelican NEMO 1960, Pelican MityLite 1900, and Maglite Mini
From left to right: Pelican NEMO 1960, Pelican MityLite 1900, and Maglite Mini

All of this extra brightness runs on just 2 AAA batteries, a feature I love since I always have extra AAA batteries in my pack.

The Pelican NEMO 1960 is not widely available for sale yet, however, a diver’s supply store is selling them on Amazon.

I have a feeling this flashlight is going to be a very popular model!

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  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for your note. Yes I do honest reviews of everything that I review. 🙂 Did you see this review I did awhile ago of the Pelican HeadsUp Lite 2610? Perhaps that is what you’re looking for. Thanks for reading Hiking Lady!

  2. Bill Badoni says:

    I discovered your website last night as I was reviewing the Pelican 1960 nemo LED light. I was pleased to see how neatly organized your website is and side by side comparisons. Do you receive any products from manufactures for review? (I don’t mean for promotion) if I sent u a pelican headlamp, would u do an honest review on it? Thanks

  3. Hiking Lady says:

    Great idea about the newspaper test! I’ll include that in an update to this review. I am also going to be reviewing some new headlamps soon, so stay tuned. Thanks!

  4. reader says:

    That’s a helpful review. But a more useful photograph would be to aim all three lights at a blank white wall in a dark room from the same distance, maybe 10 feet or so, to show the width and comparative brightness of the beams. An enhancement would be to mount circular targets on the wall in front of the beams, or even just newspaper pages.

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