Keeping Organized on the Trail

The Canadian company Innate Gear makes a nifty product called the Trail Sac, which is a waterproof pouch that I use to keep my essentials organized (and protected from water damage!). This is important for electronics, such as your camera, GPS, or cellphone.

Innate Trail Sac
Some gear ready to be stored in a waterproof Innate Trail Sac

To keep things simple, sometimes I just keep the Trail Sac loaded at home with my essentials, then I can just toss it into my daypack when I head out for a short hike. Since it is so lightweight (just 1.38oz), it is not even noticeable in your backpack.

Once you’ve put your gear inside, the top can be rolled down and secured with the buckle (see picture), and then it turns into an easy to handle pouch. I’ve used a carabiner to clip my Trail Sac to the outside of my daypack.

Innate Trail Sac
Here it is, all packed up with the contents shown above. Notice the convenient carrying handle.

Other ideas of what to put inside? A really good use for the Trail Sac is to use it to store emergency gear, including an extra pair of socks! That way you know those items will stay dry and safe until you are ready to use them.


  • Size: 13.5 inches x 8 inches
  • Weight: 1.38 ounces (29 grams)
  • Price: C$12
  • Country of Manufacture: Taiwan

One comment

  1. Annie Miller says:

    Great tips for trail blazers. The trail sac is really useful for people who treks a lot and you can really put a lot of things in it.

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