Keeping Organized on a Hike

Brooks Range Field Organizer cover
The outside of my Brooks Range Field Organizer, cinched closed with the red velcro tab

I admittedly am a neat freak, and even when I’m hiking or backpacking I like to stay organized. I tend to prefer backpacks with lots of compartments, many Ziploc bags, and storing gear in the same part of my backpack on every trip.

I’ve started using the Brooks Range Field Organizer, a bright yellow 4 inches by 7 inches folio. Inside are six map/card pockets, a pouch for my compass, and a removable all weather journal (meaning that when it is raining, my notes don’t wash away!) On the outside are 3 spots to hold pens/pencils, where I keep a highlighter, red pen, and a pencil.

Features I Like About the Brooks Range Field Organizer

  • Lightweight. Other map/note cases I’ve used tend to be constructed of heavier nylons and fabrics. While those look nice and are less flimsy, I like to cut down my pack weight as much as possible. That makes for much more comfortable hikes!
  • Simple, convenient design. I like the design – pens/pencils on the outside, maps/notes on the inside, and the whole thing closes with a velcro tab.
  • Bright color so easy to find. I don’t like digging though my pack to find things, so the bright yellow nylon with red trim makes it easy to find.
  • Water resistant. The Field Organizer is water resistant. Not waterproof, but I figure if it is raining I’ll have enough time to stash it in my backpack.
  • Includes an all weather notebook! This is an added bonus, and a must have for anyone who likes to jot things down when they’re hiking and backpacking. I like to keep track of where I’ve gone, interesting things I encounter, and just write down some of my thoughts (and pretend to be like John Muir!) when I’m on an outdoor adventure! This notebook is nice because I don’t have to worry about it getting wet.
Brooks Range Field Organizer inside
The inside of my Brooks Range Field Organizer; here is a map overlay guide and the weatherproof notebook.

What could be Improved?

  • Compass pocket. The compass pouch on the inside back cover fits my Suunto MC-2 compass perfectly, but when I accidentally hold the field guide upside down, my compass slips right out. I took care of this by tacking on a small velcro tab to keep it secured in place.

Overall this Brooks Range Field Organizer is a nice way to keep your notes maps, and field guides in one neat stash when you’re enjoying the outdoors! Here’s more information on the field organizer.

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  1. Donna says:

    I like the information you shared on how to organize your pens and keep them dry. Much better than just throwing them in my back pack as I’ve been doing.\


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