Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air is a page turner – you won’t want to set it down!

When he made the decision to climb Everest in 1996, Krakauer was a journalist for Outside magazine (which I love to read!). At first he intended to report back on the commercialization of the mountain, and only climb to Base Camp. Little did he realize that making the decision to pursue his childhood dream would lead him right into what is now known as the greatest disaster on Everest.

Krakauer chronicles the 1996 disaster, and the reader gets to know the members of the team and the climbing guides, and relive the adventure and tragedy with him. There are some tear-gerking moments that the movie also captures well, particularly when the accomplished guide Rob Hall makes his final call to his pregnant wife at home.

A year after the book was published, a TV movie was released. There are a few major differences between the book and movie, but both capture the essence of the great tragedy. The movie is a disappointment, however, relative to the excellent storytelling of the book.

Hiking Lady’s Recommendation – Book: 5 of 5 stars; Movie: 2 of 5 stars.

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