Backpack the Grand Canyon DVD

Backpack the Grand Canyon DVD
Have you been to the Grand Canyon, and stood atop the rim and looked at the grandeur of the spectacular landscape below? Hiking into the depths of the canyon is an experience of a lifetime.

In the film, Backpack the Grand Canyon, Real World Productions provides an essential guide for anyone planning the journey into the Grand Canyon. The film is extensively well researched, and provides all of the details about planning a backpacking trip into the Grand Canyon: from permit applications to transportation, to training and necessary gear – all are discussed in the film.

There is beautiful film and still footage of the Grand Canyon, sneak peeks at the trails and campsites, combined with interviews of hikers describing the challenges of the trip as well as their favorite spots and experiences on the trail.

After watching it I felt ready to backpack the Grand Canyon!

Hiking Lady Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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