Win TevaSphere Shoes!


Have you seen the innovative new TevaSphere trail shoes? Check out the Hiking Lady review of the women’s TevaSphere trail runners!

Teva has generously offered Hiking Lady readers a chance to win a pair of TevaSphere shoes so you can check out the minimalist yet stable trail shoes yourself!

How to Enter: Win TevaSphere Shoes

Leave a comment below explaining why you want a pair of TevaSphere trail shoes…or just say why you like trail running and hiking, or why you like reading 😉 Be sure to leave an email address where we can actually reach you if you win!

Teva will pick a winner and send you the pair in your size (either Men’s or Women’s). Thanks Teva!

Also remember to check out the Facebook pages of Hiking Lady and Teva.

The winner will be selected Friday, June 28th. Stay tuned to see if you are that lucky person!

Special Discount on TevaSphere Shoes

Teva is being very generous with Hiking Lady readers, and they are offering a special 15% off discount. From now until July 31st, you can enter the code below for a 15% discount on TevaSphere shoes. Go to to check out all of the TevaSphere styles.

Here’s the coupon code to get your 15% discount! TSBLOG-Q2LF-U4BM-M7D5-7OBC

Winner Announced

Thank you to everyone that entered! Congratulations to Lara, she’ll be receiving a brand new pair of TevaSphere’s! For those that want to give TevaSphere’s a try use the coupon code above that the company shared with Hiking Lady readers to get a 15% discount.
Please check back for future gear giveaways! Happy trails!


  1. Julie says:

    LOVE the look of the TevaSphere hiking shoes! As a newbie to hiking and backpacking, I have wanted to try this type of shoe, but opted for hiking boots to start with. Another great thing about these shoes, the orange and purple soles are my alma mater’s colors. Not only could I wear them hiking on trails, but also hiking across campus to the stadium for football games. A girl’s perfect fashion accessory!

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Congratulations, Lara! You were selected to be the winner! We will be in touch with you to get your shoe size and shipping address. Happy trails!

  3. jennifer smart says:

    Does TEVA make women’s size 11 ? I love to hike and I have such a hard time finding shoes for my big, active feet…I know I’m not alone…please TEVA, tell me you can do the job and I’ll tell everyone who I know with long lovely feet that you are the BEST!!! ps, I am also an awesome photographer and I’ll make you a video of some hikes with my happy big feet in your shoes!

  4. Lisa Strader says:

    I love hiking because it’s a challenge that immerses me in nature— where spotting a summer tanager or crossing a meandering creek are great adventures. Shoes are the most important part of my wardrobe, and I walk hundreds of miles in each pair I buy. Next year, my husband and I are planning to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, so I’m trying out my gear now. I just discovered Hiking Lady, and I’m excited to find a site just for the ladies!

  5. Christa B. says:

    I have just found Hiking Lady and interested in following the page. I have just begun running and have now ran several 5ks, a 10k, 12k, a few halfs, and just completed my first full. I now want to get into trail running. I love hiking, and my husband and I enjoy checking out hikes during the summer when I am on vacation (I work for a school district). I would LOVE to win these shoes and really get cracking on my trail running and have decent shoes to hike in as well! Thank you for offering a pair of shoes!

  6. Dina Bennett says:

    Hiking Lady has proven to offer valuable insight to women who enjoy the outdoors! Thank you for continuing to share! Teva reputation speaks for itself. I would love the opportunity to try a pair of Sheres on our trails at Mountain Shepherd. I get in somewhere between 3 – 7 miles per day and know I will put these to good use as well as share the benefits with those who attend my women’s classes. Thank you for the opportunity!

  7. Michelle S. says:

    Just started hiking! New shoes would be GREAT for my new health hobby. Plus I would love extra support for my feet. I have to be careful with my stride (ski injury).

  8. Crystal says:

    I would love to try a pair of TevaSpheres. I hike and trail run a lot. I’m interested in finding a lighter weight pair of shoes than I’ve been using, but ones that still offer good stability and control. These look like they would fit those requirements. I’ve always loved the Tevas I’ve gotten before.

  9. Barb says:

    I love to hike and being one with Mother Nature. Teva’s are awesome shoes. I love my sandals, would love to try a pair of these TevaSpere trail runners.

  10. Jacque says:

    I just took up trail running and I love it! Only the best shoes will do for my new addiction!

  11. Gina Norte says:

    The tread on my favorite hiking shoes is worn away! Teva ROCKS! Thanks Hiking Lady, for writing about the world of hiking and for being a Lady! See you on the trail!! Hopefully 😉

  12. Terry Kimball says:

    WANTING and TRYING to get in shape. Walking Luc the dog every morning and would love to have these shoes to get even more motivated – maybe morning and evening walks and possibly get in good enough form to backpack the South Rim at Big Bend again.

  13. Brenda Brackmann says:

    Hiking Lady let me know about this contest and I would love to win a pair of TevaSpere trail running shoes. I hike all the time and these would be a good addition instead of my heavier hiking boots.

  14. Lisa Miller says:

    I would love to win a wonderful quality of hiking shoes like TevaSphere Shoes. I have several medical problems and have not been employed for almost a year due to 2 spine surgeries. I still enjoy hiking as much as I can, but the low-grade shoes I have now are intolerable to my body and give me no stability plus the shoes I have now have holes in the bottoms of them and I cannot afford a new pair, since I have no income. I would be so grateful to win these wonderful shoes that I have heard so many wonderful things about!

  15. Kelly says:

    I love shoes and I love being outdoors. Backpacking is something I’ve been doing more of lately and trail running is a good mix of hiking and running, without the pounding of the pavement.

  16. Lisa Samani says:

    I love being outside, away from man-made things, and hiking is great way to enjoy it all. I just found Hiking Lady and love learning about new gear. I’ve been buying things all year for a big hiking trip to New Zealand in November. I’ve always bought Teva flip flops but never had any of their shoes. Thanks!

  17. Ronelle says:

    I have been having a lot of problems with my feet as result of a lot of walking and have turned to the internet regarding the ideal shoe for metatarsalgia, dropped arches and painful heels. It is recommended that one wears a rocker type sole shoe to take the pressure of the heel and forefoot. I have looked at the Tevasphere shoe and this seems to be the closest one get to a hiking shoe with “rocker-type” sole, with a good support in the midfoot and arch. I would love to try this shoe on a trail. I will be walking along the Camino de Santiago in a few months time and need a well designed shoe.

  18. Lara says:

    I found your site a few weeks back and have lived here. My husband and I love camping and I have been wanting to get into backpacking as something we both enjoy. Especially now that we are older and seem to not have time for hobbies. I worry about my husband’s health, he is diabetic, and I think our trips are going to be beneficial in a thousand different ways. Just getting the initial gear has cost a good sum of money. We have a long way to go from car campers to backpackers and what could it hurt to try for some gear I would probably otherwise do without for a long time. BTW thanks for all the time you have put into your site!

  19. Katrina says:

    These shoes would be a perfect start to my love of hiking and the outdoors. Me and my fiance love to hike but we are beginners and are still acquiring gear to start our new favorite hobby together. We have been slowly but surely acquiring gear but as any hiker knows it takes a good amount of money and experience to know what works best for you. I do not own any Teva products but i am learning in on trade secrets from experienced people such as your site; it is amazingly helpful!!

  20. Karen says:

    We, as a family enjoy hiking. We have hiked on sea sand, soft muddy ground, rocks ect, and not all shoes are made for all hiking conditions.
    I have heard of TevaSphere shoes, but have never seen a pair. I would like to compare them to my shoes I am currently using. Thank you hiking lady for the opportunity. It is always a pleasure to read of other peoples experiences.

  21. Tania says:

    I have never worn any Teva, but I love outdoor activities. I am just starting out on all about trekking and hiking seriously. So, why not? And wearing Teva would probably as comfortable as they advertised. I don’t have Teva, I would be very happy to have one from this contest! Besides, what’s the point of giving away Teva to somebody who knows already how good the product is? 😉 I might as well giving you the fair assessment on it ;). Cheers!

  22. JANICE says:

    Not been in bush for 4months due to an aggressive plantar wart I got after finishing my fourth trek 4 months ago . I am now ‘allowed’ by the doc to restart and what a difference a great new pair of Teva sports shoes would do for these feet of mine now. I would love to start my new program of bushwalking (hiking) in them. Bet they won’t give me blisters either!! Thank you

  23. Barbara McCollum says:

    Last year I hiked 500 miles, and this year I am on course to accomplish 700 miles–averaging 60 miles per month or more! I love to learn about any kind of hiking gear and has been extremely helpful to me with gear recommendations. One of my favorites that I learned about through is the Injinji toe socks/liners. Have shared this gear recommendation with many hiking friends, and they all love them! Would love to give these shoes a try!

  24. Cheryl says:

    I am always on the hunt for a comfortable pair of hiking shoes. I hike 1-60 miles a week for work and much of the time my feet don’t feel the best. I have worn Teva sandals before and have loved them. If their hiking shoes are made as well as their sandals, I’m sure they will be amazing. I am so lucky that my job keeps me on the trails all day several times a week. Nothing is more inspiring than being in the outdoors.
    I check in on Hiking Lady every day!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  25. Connie Hutzel says:

    I’ve used my Teva sandals several times while whitewater rafting in WV, and love the quality of them. Recently, my husband and I have started backpacking together. We are taking teens from a Venturing Crew backpacking in Shenandoah National Park next month for a week, and in August I am meeting some friends in Yosemite for a week of backpacking. Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of running/hiking/backpacking in preparation. (In Yosemite, I don’t want the 30-somethings on the trip to always be waiting on this 50 year old.

  26. Nicole says:

    My husband and I love hiking, and luckily in New England there are plenty of opportunities. My favorite part of the hike is when you get up high enough to see the views. Suddenly the heat, sweat, tiredness all slips away, and you are just amazing at how beautiful the world looks. That is why I love hiking. And I’d love to add a pair of Tevas to that experience!

  27. Michelle Avery says:

    My husband and I love to hike. We’re going to be doing a lot more this summer than previous years and some new “Quality” shoes would make our trips just that much more enjoyable.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  28. Natalie Lyons says:

    I have seen TevaSphere shoes and they look great. I ma trying to get my kids more excited about the outdoors. With school over and summer beginning I do not want them consumed by video games and tv. I plan to take them hiking at our local state park and these shoes would be a great motivator. Thanks:)

  29. Sara Anderson says:

    I just got back in to backpacking but have been having a hard time finding resources geared toward women. I wanted to know more about what a woman needs in her pack and I found your video on YouTube. You had many other videos on there that have made my prep so much easier. I will be hiking JMT in August. It’s great to know that there is a site that I can come to for great reviews and advice. I have always loved my Teva sandals and would love to try out their shoes. Keep up the great work!


  30. Barbara Snipes says:

    I’m just starting out on all things hiking! It would be beyond helpful to have a great pair of hiking shoes.

  31. Al says:

    I just found your site because I am trying to help my wife and daughter find their way through the challenges of hiking and camping that I can not teach them.
    My wife has hip displasia (sp?) and is very apprehensive to do any wilderness hiking or camping….I would like to see if this might help her enjoy the outdoors more–so that when our 4 kids are out on their own …we can enjoy eachothers company outside.
    Thank you for providing me with quality information for the Ladies in my life.
    Most Sincerely,

  32. Anie says:

    Teva makes quality outdoor footwear. I’m new to HikingLady and look forward to reading your articles. These shoes would be great for my outdoor adventures and trail running.

  33. Elizabeth Ptak says:

    I really love the outdoors, love Teva brand shoes and really get a lot from reading hear at HikingLady! These shoes would be a great addition to my gear for our annual BWCA camping trips!!

  34. Brook says:

    I would like these shoes because unfortunately this has been a very rough year. My father and I use to love trail running at Griffith Park. Since he passed away I have not found the motivation to run. I hope these shoes can provide the much needed push to get out there, not just for me but for my father.

  35. Jacob Reed says:

    I enter a lot of Hiking Lady contests to win something for myself, but I’m entering this one for my wife. She will have our second daughter this month and she really wants to get back in to shape afterward. We had both hoped to run together when the weather gets cooler. A pair of TevaSpheres for her post-pregnancy workouts would really be nice.

  36. kim says:

    I spend a lot of time in the woods and I usually wear hiking boots. I’d be interested in giving this lighter weight Teva shoe a try. I’ve never worn a Teva. I’d also wear them when doing my treadmill. I’d be happy to do a blog post about my experience with them as well. Women size 6 1/2 please.

  37. Renee Conner says:

    I haven’t done much trail running, but have began walking and hiking. I would like to increase my fitness to include trail running. Thanks for entering me.

  38. Virginia Gomez says:

    I love trail hiking, it helps me to clear my mind and at peace with myself and everyone else around me…lol womens size: 7W

  39. Kara says:

    I’m working on getting back into hiking with my six week old daughter in a carrier, but my old trail shoes are worn out from having been worn throughout my pregnancy!

  40. Heidi S. says:

    I go hiking in Majorca, Spain, every summer – in mid summer when it’s really hot…:-) So I’d love a pair of light hiking shoes like the Teva!

  41. I do allot of outdoor activities including hiking and camping. I have recently started doing a vlog on YouTube under the name gypsytrekker. I am looking for some excellent trail shoes to do a gear review on. My next big trip will be to travel completely around lLake Superior with my two girl friends from Finland and France. In August, we will spend a weak hiking the wilderness of Isle Royale National Park.
    Thanks for your consideration!

  42. Cristina says:

    I love hiking! But it’s so hot here in the summer that wearing full-blown boots is annoying… These would be great for the warmer/dryer season!

    I’ve always had a pair of Teva sandals in my closet, for the past 20+ years!, replacing it when it fell apart, so I can vouch for their quality (4-5 pairs in 20 years? Wearing them almost every day for 3-4 months). I’d love to try their trail shoes! 🙂

  43. Emily Steele says:

    Hiking makes me feel connected to nature. Makes me feel alive and when I’m Alison’s down a muddy trail or hopping a stream battling gnats just for a river view I know it’s all worth it.

  44. Deanna says:

    There is no better way to cleanse and fill the soul than by going outside. Every hike is an adventure! I’m going on a multi-day hiking adventure for the first time with my sisters and some friends this summer and I’ve really learned how important it is to have the right gear. It can keep you comfortable and safe so that you can enjoy the experience to the utmost. I love the Hiking Lady wed-site to help do research before buying any products. Thanks Hiking Lady!
    – DL

  45. Liz says:

    I just finished hiking 280k on the Camino de Santiago. I am feeling great physically and want to keep it going. Currently I don’t have a pair of trail running shoes but I have a number of Teva Products. I would love to give these trail shoes a try – so please – hook an old lady up! :). Thanks!

  46. Jilly says:

    My current trail shoes have over 1,000 miles on them. The soles are worn and the edges are torn/frayed. It’s past time for new shoes and I’ve been looking at the Teva brand.

    A pair of the TevaSphere trail shoes would be amazing to wear as I continue to cover trails both in the high mountains and down into the desert.

    I’m looking for a shoe that’s durable, comfortable and has some beauty to it. The TevaSphere looks to embody these qualities.

  47. Christy says:

    A year ago I moved to this wonderful new location in the Pacific Northwest and I’ve spent many hours exploring the trails and finding my way around. Being out with nature is a great way to relax from the weekly grind and I’m looking forward to more adventures this summer. Your website is a great place to come when I have any questions about anything. A pair of lightweight trail runners would be a great addition to my growing collection of equipment!!

  48. Debbi Brooks says:

    I love hiking ladys website. I have gotten alot of useful information from here. I love the teva brand and own a pair of teva sandles I use for kayakiing and the beach. I am an avid hiker. Hiking is my passion but I can get out there as much as I would like. I live by some great trails and have started doing some light trail running. Its very theraputic and a great way to release some daily stress during the work week. I have been using my older running shoes and thinking It would be more enjoyable wearing these tevas

  49. Lucy says:

    I used to do a lot of fell running until I killed my feet (Plantar fasciitis) I was told not to run for 9months (which I’ve hated). Anyway I’ve just started back fell running again, I’ve been told that shoes make a big difference. The first things I read in your review were “Arch Support” and “Spherical Heel” they sound like the kind of thing that would really help and I’d love to hill test them for you!. Big fan of Hiking Lady if I ever have a question I take a look on here first, you’ve helped with tent buying and trekking tips for expeditions. I’d happily leave a review on them for you either running in the hills or after I’ve done a 64mile hike in July (I’m doing the UK North East coastline) first time on my own and with my new tent! Lucyx

  50. Sindy Elamrani says:

    Wow, love these Tevas! I have Teva Trek/Water shoes that are years old and still love them. I am determined to get fit and healthy this summer to hopefully travel in a couple of years and honestly, can not afford a good pair of good trail runners. I live in S. Utah so trail hiking/runner is a big part of my life and really could use a good pair of shoes to prevent accidents and to help my body heal.

  51. Jorean says:

    I love hiking with my pup. Sadly he likes eating my shoes and socks as much as he enjoys hiking. I am in dire need of new shoes to trail run and day hike on.

  52. Beth Williams says:

    These shoes look great! I would love to try a pair because I love walking in the great out of doors.

  53. Bonnie Waugh says:

    Just retired 2 weeks ago from 27 years of teaching Computers with K-5 grades. Started my early morning walking routine this morning. One thing on my bucket list is to get back in shape by walking and hiking…so I can hike the 260 mile…I could sure use some new shoes. 🙂 I have tent camped 5 nights since I have retired @ the Red River Gorge in KY and hiked also.

  54. Mariza Ivey says:

    These look amazing…would love to try them. Just got back into hiking after a 20 year absence to care for my now deceased husband. Things sure have changed…

  55. Christie Roberson says:

    I would love a pair of Teva’s to wear while I hike and enjoy surveying this glorious land that God provided for me to see, smell and rejoice in! HE does beautiful work…

  56. janice ellis says:

    I would love to try the Tevasphere. I love hiking, but my current hiking boots have been bothering the heel of my left foot. Took me over a year to figure out that the pain has not been coming from trail running or softball, but from the hikers I have been wearing. So now I need new shoes so I can go back out on the trail painfree….

  57. Angela Evans says:

    I Love to hike and Teva makes such great products…have water shoes that I kayak in made by teva and look them….their products are great and resonable priced

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