Handmade in the USA? Yes!

Rickshaw BagworksIt is a rarity nowadays to find gear that is made in the USA, but it is nearly impossible to find something that is made in the USA and handmade.

The folks at Rickshaw Bagworks are doing just that – making handmade bags in the USA! I had a chance to get a sample of their Square Duffle sent to me, and it is my new go-to gear bag.

The Rickshaw Bagworks Square Duffel is a limited edition, handmade bag that is machine washable, abrasion resistant, and waterproof. The interior is lined with Saffron Cordura Nylon to keep the contents dry.

Labworks Square Duffel
Labworks Square Duffel

When I camp, I like to keep gear in duffel bags. It helps keep the trunk of the car organized, and makes it easy to transport gear from the car to the campsite.

There’s no way I want my clothing, gear, or food to get wet if weather conditions aren’t good, so having a durable water resistant duffel is key.

Check out Rickhaw’s website to learn more about their custom products.

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