Hiking Humor: Blisters!


Talk about painful!! Be sure to follow the Hiking Lady’s blister prevention techniques so this doesn’t happen to you!

Special thanks to the very talented and creative hiker, Geolyn “Boots” Carvin, for letting me share her hilarious cartoons. Her website, On the Trail with Boots McFarland, has many more funny cartoons about the trail adventures of the female hiker, Boots. Boots is based on Geolyn’s years of hiking and enjoying the outdoors.


  1. Hiking Lady says:

    I would leave it alone…popping it makes it more prone to infection. You can even cut out moleskin in the shape of the blister to protect the area when you have footwear on. Good luck!

  2. Sedona Hiking Guide says:

    I was wearing cowgirl boots with no socks for awhile and It caused blisters. one is ripped open and is SUPPER sensitive. if anything a sock or a bandage touchess it. it hurts really bad. 🙁 and I have a blister on the left and its not popped and it really dosnt hurt. should i leave it alone and let it pop on its own?
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