Car Camping in Luxury

How to relax in luxury around a campfire...
How to relax in luxury around a campfire...
Two weeks ago I enjoyed a few days of hiking and climbing in Joshua Tree National Park, a unique desert environment in Southern California. It was a car camping trip, so our cars were stuffed with coolers, big tents, thick air mattresses, and more. What a contrast from a backpacking trip! Sitting around the campfire I couldn’t help but notice the fancy camping chairs and stools that looked far more comfortable than my simple beach chair!

Car camping seating options have really evolved… there are options that sit high off the ground like a regular chair, have built in cup holders and magazine/book pockets! I even noticed some that recline!

Do you have a fancy car camping chair? What are your favorites? My $20 beach chair does the job… so is it worth $100 to get a reclining car camping chair with a built in cup holder? I’ve love to know what you think!

Happy trails and happy camping!


  1. Jeanette K. says:

    I am very jealous that you got a chance to hike Joshua Tree National Park. I’d love to see some pictures. And those chairs are fabulous! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    There are a couple of other colors available, I just haven’t seen it in red! You would never lose it if you found one in red ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Happy Camper says:

    Are there other colors available for this fancy car camping chair? I would love to have a bright red colored chair. Maybe you can give me suggestions. Thank you!!

  4. Cathy says:

    We love our Lounge Lizard (purchased on sale at REI a few years back). It’s pretty darn comfy to lounge back in with a good book and a cold microbrew (the cup holder stays pretty stationary). We don’t use the little headrest though. Wish we would’ve bought two on sale, but we share. A regular camp chair is better around the fire. Save this for relaxing and napping after a day on the trail!

  5. Hiking Lady says:

    Great point! I think if I ever got one of these chairs for car camping I’d store it in my car during the day while I’m out hiking, then take it out during the nighttime campfire chats.
    Those REI used gear sales sure have treasures sometimes. I got a pair of brand new Vasque trail running shoes for $30 (normally $120!)

  6. steph says:

    Call it cynicism or a suspicious nature, but I prefer the inexpensive soccer mom chair for car camping. I wouldn’t want to have an uber expensive chair ripped off while I’m out hiking or fishing.

    A friend of mine scored one of those chairs (it was missing a single bolt) at the REI sale a while back for twenty bucks, and he absolutely loves it, so I could see splurging and getting a few to put out around the fire pit at home, though.

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