A Blog I Like to Read: Gear Talk with Jason Klass

I spend a lot of time online when I’m not on the trails, reading and writing for Hiking Lady, and also enjoying the other fantastic blogs that hiking, backpacking, adventure gear, and more!

I have many of them listed on my Favorite Links page, but there are so many that I want to highlight some of the ones I love to read regularly.

As a new feature on Hiking Lady, I’ve decided to write about one of my favorite blogs each month.

To kick it off is a great site I regularly read, Gear Talk with Jason Klass!

Gear Talk

Gear Talk with Jason Klass is authored by guess who… Jason Klass. He’s a self described backpacking gear fanatic in Denver, Colorado, and shares his innovative gear ideas on his website. The best part is that he puts up videos of almost everything he reviews, so I just sit back, hit play, and then watch and learn!

What I also really like is that Jason shows how to use everyday household items as survival tools. In January he had an excellent post about how to use tampons as a firestarter! A simple, extremely creative and effective idea!

And for fans of ultralight backpacking, Gear Talk has loads of tips and ideas of how to cut down the weight of everything, even the stake bags for your tent!

Enjoy! I hope you enjoy reading his blog as much as I do.

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