Product Review: 45ºN 68ºW Natural Insect Repellent

45ºN 68ºW
45ºN 68ºW
Are you looking for an alternative to DEET and other harsh chemical insect repellents, that are not only bad for the environment but bad for your skin and body?

I was given the opportunity to try a new repellent called 45ºN 68ºW, and I put it to a full test on my August backpacking trip to Mt. Langley in the Sierra Nevadas.

How did it hold up? Read my full review of 45ºN 68ºW insect repellent to find out.


  1. On behalf of 45ºN 68ºW Natural Insect Repellent Product Team we thank Carol Roberts of the for her wonderful product review and recommendation. We realize that when accomplished people take time out of their busy lives, place trust in your product & try it, it’s valuable. Then there are some like Carol that go one step further and provide feedback not only to you but also tell others – that is invaluable.

    We are grateful, thank you Carol!

    PS: If you follow @hikinglady and would like to try our product we offer a complimentary TRAIL SIZE (5 ml) spray until supplies last, please e-mail your address to or send us a direct message on .

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