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REI Women’s Traverse Daypack, 30L

REI Traverse Daypack

I use my REI Women’s Traverse Daypack on short day hikes and even full day hikes during the summer. For winter hiking and snowshoeing I use a larger pack.

What I like about this daypack is that it is designed specifically for women, so the shoulder straps are closer together and they are nicely padded. There are several pockets where I stash my 10 Essentials, including food, extra layers of clothes, and small items like my knife and whistle.

The waistbelt has a small zippered pocket, which I find convenient for storing my chapstick and sunscreen, and inside there is a pouch that is a good spot for my Camelbak water bladder.

The only drawbacks are that this 30L pack is too small for winter snowshoe trips where I carry more layers and food with me, but otherwise it is a good choice for a women’s daypack.

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1 comment to REI Women’s Traverse Daypack, 30L

  • jo hyman

    With the help of my 1yr old Chocolate Lab, CHANCE,I have discovered Hiking. We go together and he and I have a blast. I have only gone to a few local trails in Northern VA, but am really enjoying it. I would love to plan more day hikes that can get me home by the time my two boys get out of school. Any advice for Gal and her Furry Companion?

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