Sneak Peek: Injinji’s New (Non-Toe) Hiking Socks

Hiking Lady readers all know I’m a huge fan of Injinji’s liner socks.  They are the best way to help prevent blisters when your feet are sweaty and working hard on the trail.

Injinji is going to launch its own “hiker” sock Fall 2017!  I got a chance to test out a pair, and put it to the test on the trails.  What is a “hiker” sock?  Previously I have referred to these as “outer” socks.  Simply put, it is the thicker sock that you wear hiking.  A lot of newbies wear just a hiking “outer” sock without the toe liners, but I swear by Injinji toe sock liners and so do most avid hikers I know.

Hiking Lady testing the Injinji Liner + Hiker Sock Combo
Hiking Lady testing the Injinji Liner + Hiker Sock Combo

The Scoop on the Socks

Injinji must have realized that most of us pair their awesome toe liners with one of the competitor’s hiker socks (i.e., Smartwool), and they want to play in the non-toe sock business. They’ll be offering a combo pack of one of their famous Liner socks plus their new Hiker sock (MSRP $27.00), and they will also be selling the Hiker sock separately (MSRP $20.00). It is a better deal to buy them in the combo pack since the Injinji toe liners cost $9.00 a pair, but for those of us who already have a collection of Injinji toe liner socks at home, it probably makes sense just to pick up the Hiker sock.

Is the Injinji “Hiker” sock better than a Smartwool, Icebreaker, you name it great sock brand?

You may be surprised, but I’d have to say yes. Here’s why:

  • The Injinji Hiker socks are gender specific. It is always nice to have a sock that doesn’t gap and bulge in all the wrong spots putting our tootsies at risk of nasty blisters. Most of the competition has gender specific socks, but this is a nice plus that Injinji has this too.
  • They are sewn specifically for use with Injinji toe sock liners. Injinji applied their amazing knitting technology and made a traditional sock. It doesn’t bunch! No bunching = no blisters!

To be fair, ever since I started using Injinji toe liner socks about 8 years ago, I haven’t had any blisters. The new Injinji Hikers will likely help me keep continue that blister free record, and at the very least, the Injinji Hiker will be a quite comfortable outer sock to pair with my beloved Injinji toe sock liners.

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