Snowshoe Tails?

I bought a set of the MSR Women’s Lightning Ascent 22s a few days ago, but I haven’t used them yet. I generally do day trips, and any overnight trips this year will likely be one-nighters. With that said, I wonder if it is worth keeping the 22″ and then buying the tails if I find that I need them? I noticed they make tails for them now. Or, would it just be better to go with the 25s?


MSR Lightning Ascent 25 Snowshoes
MSR Lightning Ascent 25 Snowshoes


Another great question, Larissa! (Hiking Lady readers check out Larissa’s first question, Which Snowshoes to Buy?

I haven’t tried the new tails for the Lightning Ascent line. I have the 25 inch pair, and bought them before tails were available 🙂 If you do end up getting the tails you’ll have to let me know how well they work. I’ve used the tails on the Evos and they work fine for me.

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Happy trails! Have fun snowshoeing 🙂
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