An Alaskan Hiking Lady

Leighan Falley
Leighan Falley, photo courtesy of Yeti

This sure is the month that companies seem to be going full force in support of women! REI launched their Force of Nature campaign, the sponsors of our May Hiking Lady Giveaway (WASPcam) have a new campaign “A Woman Belongs…Outdoors”, and we have Mother’s Day!

There’s one more: YETI! The high end cooler and outdoor gear company YETI has an inspiring new story they just published about an Alaskan Mom, who also happens to be an accomplished mountaineer and bush pilot. 🙂 The story is amazing, so if you have a few moments, I highly recommend that you check it out on the YETI website. Plus, the scenery of Alaska is amazing.

Enjoy, and happy trails!

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