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Hiking Death Valley

Death ValleyThink you need to travel all over the world to experience gorgeous, awe-inspiring natural beauty? Think again!

I love the U.S. national parks, and there are so many to explore. The park with the most ominous name is Death Valley National Park, a land of harsh extremes, but one of gorgeous beauty in a vast landscape between California and Nevada.

March is a good time to go…it will be hot (80 degrees+ Fahrenheit), and far more tolerable than the mid summer heat.

There are badlands, sand dunes, and views of snow covered peaks. Check out this inspiring video I stumbled upon that captures much of Death Valley’s natural beauty!

2 comments to Hiking Death Valley

  • carl

    What a great video Hiking Lady! Death Valley is an amazing place. It almost feels like being on another planet. A couple of other excellent spots to check out in Death Valley are Zabriskie Point, Badwater Basin, and Dante’s View.

  • Hiking Lady

    Thanks, Carl!

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