Ready for the Snow?!

It is almost time for snow season! The Sierra Nevadas in California already have snow. So do Jackson Hole, much of the Rockies, and the Wasatch mountains in Utah! We’re in for a good winter season, which means time for snowshoeing!

Using snowshoes to backpack in the winter!
Using snowshoes to backpack in the winter!

Tips on getting ready for snowshoeing season:

What to Wear Snowshoeing?

Happy snowshoeing!


  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hey Ryan,
    Great question. I haven’t snowshoed either of those, but I’ve snowshoed other Southern California mountains: Icehouse Canyon at Mt. Baldy, parts of San Gorgonino, and San Jacinto. Last year was a low snow year for us, so I’m hoping that we have more snow this year! Have fun out there.

  2. ryan clark says:

    have you snowshoed Mt Williamson or Baden-Powell before? curious to how difficult those would be covered in snow but would love to see them in those conditions

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